White And Black Movie Crimes of colour

White And Black Movie


In certain East African countries, a lethal discrimination against persons with albinism,

has contributed to create an illegal market for their body parts.

Beliefs circulated by the healers who deal in this market

are rooted in the idea that when used in magical potions and amulets,

the organs and body parts of persons with albinism

bring luck to whoever dares to use them.

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White and Black: Crimes of Color was created in collaboration with Under the Same Sun a Canadian-Tanzanian NGO

dedicated to improving the lives of Africans with albinism.

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Because it is intended to ignite discussions about albinism around the world, White and Black: Crimes of Color has been broadcast in Europe, Canada, Eastern Africa, Western Africa, Central Africa and Southern Africa.

White and Black has been broadcast on two dozen cable and national television networks that span the entire African continent.  It has also been shown at a wide variety of African film festivals where community screenings and public discussions were organized in collaboration with representatives of local albinism associations. 

A tour comprising screenings and seminars on albinism of 60 secondary schools was prepared  in 2012 in the lake zone region of Tanzania where most of the murders of persons with albinism occurred.    

This was followed by a series of mass events in 12 towns and 20 villages where atrocities occurred. The film was shown and followed by interactive discussions in the presence of the families of victims and officials from their communities.                      

To get an idea of the work that Skin Deep has done thanks to the sponsorship of Under the Same Sun. 

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White and Black is a 58-minute documentary about albinism, an age-old African taboo.